Web Server Support Testimonial

"We have outsourced our web server management and additional client hosting to Random Digit for over four years and rely on the team there to ensure our web servers maintain the highest possible uptime for our client's applications. Random Digit take care of patching the servers, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency is achieved from the servers and monitoring/maintaining backups of client data.
Put simply, outsourcing our web server management to Random Digit provides us with a worry-free, comprehensive one-stop solution. We know that regardless of the problem, be it hardware, operating system, application code or database, we can rely on Random Digit to help us resolve the issue. Their rapid support response and depth of technical expertise has been put to the test many times over the past four years and I am pleased to say Random Digit have delivered on all occasions with quick resolutions and minimal impact to our clients."
Justin Shardlow, CEO Pacific Marketing Hub

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